Service Information
Execution:execution of DIFC Judgments>Request for execution of DIFC Judgment
Execution:execution of DIFC Judgments
 This service enforces the judgments of DIFC by force, after enforcement by satisfaction fails, if the subject of enforcement is beyond the limits and jurisdiction of DIFC.
 The judgment to be enforce
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 Term and Condition
1.having an enforcable execution writ .
 Required Documents
1.personal ID of applicant and capacity of applicant ( National ID Card)
2.execution writ  with execution order.
Service Fees
1.Fee of execution of civil, commercial, real estate,Personal Status ,summary and labor actions by the employer 1% of the total payment, with a minimum of AED 10 and a maximum of AED 5000 dhs
Access Channels
Access Channel Type
Over the counter
Delivery Channels
1.Over the counter