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Execution:Executive Deeds execution Issued By Dubai Courts>Execution Request
Execution:Executive Deeds execution Issued By Dubai Courts
This service enforces executive deeds by force, after failing to enforce the same amicably..
The executive deed, in executive form, issued by Dubai Courts must be enclosed.
Any person of 21 lunar year
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 Term and Condition
1.Having an  execution writ issued from Dubai Courts
2.Exemption of fees Lawsuits, appeals and applications  submitted by the labors or hires, in  pursuant to the Federal law No (8) for 1980,  with provision that the claim does not exceed (100,000) AED. Once the ruling  is passed against opponent , the fees  and expenses decided in ruling, shall be collected  according to the  judgment.
 Required Documents
1.personal ID of applicant and capacity of applicant ( National ID Card)
2.execution writ  with execution order.
Service Fees
1..  for execution cases of the execution writ, fee of 2% of the execution claim value will be charged. dhs
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Over the counter
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1.Over the counter