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Challenges:Petitions of Objection for Cassation>Objection for Cassation in Droitural Claim
Challenges:Petitions of Objection for Cassation
1. If there is fraud committed by a litigant that would affect judgment.
2. If the judgment is grounded on papers, which after its delivery, it is admitted that such papers are forged or were judged t
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 Required Documents
1. The challenge declaration shall be prepared and shall include the litigants' details, e.g. their names, descriptions, and addresses, the date of the challenged decision, date of announcement, if any, grounds of the challenge and the requirements of the plaintiff.
2. The challenge shall be submitted within 60 days in civil, commercial, real estate and labor cases, and 30 days in personal status cases.
Service Fees
1.Cassation in civil, commercial, real estate, labor, and personal status actions(Cassation fee (AED 2000) + security (AED 1000)+ (AED 1000) in case there is a request for suspending the execution DHS
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