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Challenges:Reconsideration Petition>Petition for Writ of Certiorari in Final Judgment
Challenges:Reconsideration Petition
1. If there is fraud committed by a litigant that would affect judgment.
2. If the judgment is grounded on papers, which after its delivery, it is admitted that such papers are forged or were judged t
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 Required Documents
1.A petition shall be prepared, and shall include the names, capacities and addresses of litigants, the date of notification, if they have already been notified, the reasons for petition, and the claims of the applicant. The petition shall be registered at the division of central services.
2.The petition shall be registered within no more than 30 days according to article 170 of law no. 11/ 1992 on civil procedure.
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1.fee of the contest to The Plea for Reconsideration is 25% of the fee taken by the court issued the judgement in plea. DHS
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