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Commercial First Instance Proceedings
 An exception to the general rules applicable to filing a first instance claim, and shall be applicable whenever the creditor's right is due and established in writing and the creditor only claims for
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 Required Documents
1.The declaration shall be submitted, with copies thereof according to the number of litigants. The declaration shall contain the names, chosen domiciles of the plaintiff and the defendant, merits and actions
2.Supporting exhibits shall be attached, with one copy submitted to the court, and other copies according to the number of litigants. If the exhibits are in English, a certified translation shall be attached thereto.
Service Fees
1.: the fees 6% of total claim amount will be imposed on the cases filed in First Instance Court and in Civil Cases following to criminal cases , except in personal status cases , provided that the fees will not be less than AED 500 and not exceed AED 20,000 if the claim amount is not more than AED 500,000 (Five hundred thousand Dirhams)20000 DHS
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