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Real Estate First Instance Proceedings>Request for Registeration of Real Estate Claim
Real Estate First Instance Proceedings
This service allows applicants to file real estate-related claims
Subject to the territorial jurisdiction, any person attaining 21 years of age may file such claim.
Interested party may authorize an a
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 Term and Condition
1.If a case contain unestimated prayer,   the case value will be considered  as (200,001)AED , the fee to be paid on that basis.
2.If an un- estimate prayer is amended during the course of case  and becomes  known value the higher fee will be paid.
 Required Documents
1.The declaration shall be submitted, with copies thereof according to the number of litigants. The declaration shall contain the names, chosen domiciles of the plaintiff and the defendant, merits and actions.
2.Supporting exhibits shall be attached, with one copy submitted to the court, and other copies according to the number of litigants. If the exhibits are in English, a certified translation shall be attached thereto.
Service Fees
1.In claims related to movable and immovable properties the fees shall be calculated on the base of its value. DHS
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