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Labor First Instance Proceedings
This service allows applicants to file summary labor claims in which the employer, employee or their respective successors are disputing over any of their rights under Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 Regula
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 Term and Condition
1.The cases which do not exceed one hundred thousand dirhams in worth, and counter cases, irrespective to their value,  as well as common allocation  cases will be registered as minor (partial) cases.
2.The  cases which exceed more than one hundred thousand dirham in worth,  and un-estimated valued cases,  as well as real estate cases in-kind, what ?so-ever its value may be, are registered as major cases
 Required Documents
1.The declaration shall be submitted, with copies thereof according to the number of litigants. The declaration shall contain the names, chosen domiciles of the plaintiff and the defendant, merits and actions.
2.Supporting exhibits shall be attached, with one copy submitted to the court, and other copies according to the number of litigants. If the exhibits are in English, a certified translation shall be attached thereto.
Service Fees
2.If a labor case  value is  above (100,000) AED the fee will be 5 % of  case  value, provided the amount should not exceed 20,000 AED DHS
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Over the counter
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1.Over the counter