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Amicable Settlements:Amicable Settlements of Droitural Disputes>Request  for Amicable Settlement of Droitural Dispute
Amicable Settlements:Amicable Settlements of Droitural Disputes
 This service allows the applicant to refer its dispute to Center for Amicable Settlement of Disputes to amicably resolve any such dispute with the other party in a facilitated manner in terms of proc
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 Required Documents
1.1. Submitting the dispute documents in two copies drafted according to Article (42) of the Civil Procedure Law No. 11/1992, including names of the disputing parties (disputer and disputed parties), disputing parties mail and email addresses, merits and claims;
2.2. Attaching additional copies of the dispute documents in case there are various disputed parties;
Service Fees
1.50% of prescribed fees of  the case  will be recovered. At the time of dispute referral to the Concerned Court Entire prescribed fees for  case registration will be charged  after adjustment of fees paid to the center for amicable settlement of disputes. DHS
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