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Attestations  Relating to Personal Status:Matrimonial Contracts and Matters>Application for Entering into a Marriage Contract
Attestations  Relating to Personal Status:Matrimonial Contracts and Matters
This service allows conclusion of lawful marriage contract between man and woman lawfully permissible for the man to be married.
This service requires submission of medical report required to conclude
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 Term and Condition
1.Presence of parties of the Marriage Contract (Would be husband, Would be wife and Would be wife's Guardian plus tow Men Muslems Witnesses.
2.In case of death of Would be wife's Guardian her nearest Guardian should  present and he could be as follows )the Son, Brother, Nephew, Oncle and the Cousin.
 Required Documents
1.To produce original Identity Cards for the concerned parties and the witnesses.
2.Would be husband and Would be wife should produce a medical test report from a Governmental Hospital inside the Country and it should be according to the  approved model of the Health Authority.
Service Fees
1.Registration Fee200 DHS
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