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Challenges:Challenge by Appeal of Claims
 This service allows the convict and the plaintiff whose all motions were not ordered, to challenge by appeal the judgments delivered by the Civil Court of First Instance.
 The value of claim must be
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 Term and Condition
1.The value of claim must be more than AED 20,000 save special cases e.g. the court breach of jurisdiction rules pertinent to public order, invalidity of judgment or invalidity of procedures that affects judgment, or if the judgment is delivered as opposed to previous judgment that did not gain character of decided matter
2.he date of challenge by appeal is thirty days, begins from the day following to the date of its delivery, if delivered in presence of litigants, and from the date the convict is served, if amounts to delivery in presence of litigants
Service Fees
1.A fee equaling to 50% of fees paid to the Court of First Instance court,  shall be charged on the challenge of the appeal against decisions issued in cases other than personal status, which should be calculated according to the following principles (1) If the appeal is retorted on the challenge with full challenged ruling, then the full payable fee is charged on the challenge against the appeal. (2) If the appeal is retorted on the challenge with a part of challenged ruling then the fees is paid on the basis of value of this part. DHS
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